WELCOME to Louisiana Precision Rifles, LLC

Louisiana Precision Rifles is solely dedicated to building the most accurate Precision Rifles that can be produced.

Louisiana Precision Rifles

People often ask "What type of accuracy guarantee do you offer?" It seems that most gunsmiths will offer you a .5 MOA guarantee but, in reality, custom built rifles will perform much better than that. The magic is in the ammo and the shooter. Don’t get me wrong, the rifle has to be first class with only the best components being used in it's construction but, at the end of the day, it boils down to shooter and ammo.

Rifles I’ve built have all shot at or under .25 MOA during testing.

My guarantee is this:
Each rifle I build will be built to the absolute best of my abilities. Rifles we build that are .30 caliber and smaller, will print three shot .25” moa groups at 100 yards when match grade ammunition is used. If you have requested that we only re-barrel your receiver with no stock work, our accuracy guarantee does not apply.

A 6BR built by William Roscoe of LA Precision Rifles, LLC, was used to produce this match winning target (left image). Rifle specs are Stillar SS Viper Receiver, Krieger HV 1-8 twist barrel, McMillan Tooley MBR Stock, Jewell Trigger and Leupold Scope. Final Match score was 200/11x out of a possible 200/20x. Not only do we specialize in very accurate Tactical and Hunting Rifles but, we build very accurate BR rifles too. I stand squarely behind my accuracy guarantee of .250” MOA.

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Custom Coatings

Originally designed as a military type coating for adverse conditions the thermal cure coatings have come a long way. Not only are they a way to protect your investment from the elements but they look good as well. During an R&D phase, rigorous testing was performed on these coatings to insure durability and a resilience. With multiple colors being offered we can help you achieve just the right look while offering your firearm a high level of protection.

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Receiver Truing

Receiver truing is where precision accuracy starts. Receivers that are improperly indicated in lead to improper truing cuts, that leads to stacked tolerances and that leads to a degradation of precision accuracy.

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